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Fusion Topsites 1.1


1. Open Config.php with notepad or a text editor and change the values necessary to your settings. (This is the only file you will ever need to edit)

2. Upload all files to a folder in your website.

3. Optional, but recommended (chmod That folder to 777 & Config.php inside the folder to 666)

4. Go to

5. Follow steps, Simple just click on install topsite if you haven't installed it.

6. if you have chose to chmod the folder to 777 like advised, then click delete topsite and then your done.

7. if you didn't chmod the folder to 777, then just manually go to the folder via ftp and delete the file named "install.php"

Administration Panel

1. Once installed, you can click on "Admin Panel" and enter the user and pass you preset in Config.php.

2. Once inside the Admin panel, view the list, reset the list, or clear the list.

3. Reseting the list will make everyone's values equal to zero again for hits, but their website data and accounts remain intact.

4. Clearing the list "Empty Entire Topsite" will make the topsite brand new again and all accounts are deleted.

5. By viewing the list you can edit member's values and hits, and even delete the member.


1. All you need to do to make the topsite look customized is replace the "top.gif" with one of your own. The advised diminsions are 779 width by 100 height.

2. Replace the default and that's it, absolutely no need to edit any files.


1. Let's say you've got 100 buttons.

2. Upload them in a directory you entered in the config also how much buttons you've got, in this case 100.

3. Then make a button called default.ext for all the sites who aren't ranked yet or if somebody's rank ik higher than how much
buttons you have.


If you have any problems with installation or discover any bugs, please email us. Do not bother contacting us if you have modified the script in any way. Visit our tech support forums if you have any additional problems or for faster results.

Upgrade Instructions:

If you have an older version of Fusion Tospites, in order to upgrade to version 1.1, you need to upload and overwrite all files Except the config file and Image directory.